Exhibit 1 / Anexo 1

[English] Mexican Senate Record revealing the Plan de Campana Chiapas.

[Español] Punto de Acuerdo del Senado de Mexico donde se revelo oficialmente la existencia del Plan … read more

Exhibit 2 / Anexo 2

[English] Copy of Article from the Weekly Proceso, January 4, 1998, where it disclosed the existence of a Plan Chiapas 94.

[Español] Artículo que apareció en … read more

Exhibit 3 / Anexo 3

[English] Mexican Newspaper “La Jornada” from January 6, 1998. Reports that the Mexican Defense Ministry denies the existence of Plan Chiapas after its initial release in … read more

Exhibit 4 / Anexo 4

[English] Mexican Newspaper “La Jornada” from April 14, 1999. Article that includes the open letter from the former peace commissioner to Chiapas, Manuel Camacho Solis, indicating … read more

Exhibit 5 / Anexo 5

[English] Memorandum from an investment banking group stating that Zedillo needs to use a military offensive to defeat the insurgency. A few days after the publication … read more

Exhibit 6 / Anexo 6

[English] Counterpunch newsletter. Includes mention of the “emerging market group memo” cited in Exhibit 5.

[Español] Boleting de noticias “Counterpunch” – hace mencion del memo … read more

Exhibit 7 / Anexo 7

[English] DIA “Defense Intelligence Agency” Memo about Chiapas.

[Spanish] Memorandum de la Agencia de Inteligencia de Defensa de los E.U. sobre Chipas.

Click here to download … read more

Exhibit 8 / Anexo 8

[English] Letter from members of several towns in Chiapas warning Zedillo as to the problems in Chiapas.

[Spanish] Carta escrita por varios miembros de pueblos en … read more

Exhibit 9 / Anexo 9

[English] Letter from Bishop Vera Lopez to Emilio Chuayffete, interior minister for Zedillo, warning of the impending masacre and of the existence of the paramilitaries in … read more

Exhibit 10 / Anexo 10

[English] DIA memo in reference to Chiapas.

[Spanish] DIA memo en referencia a la zona de Chiapas.

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Exhibit 11 / Anexo 11

[English] The agenda for ex-president Zedillo for the day of the massacre.

[Spanish] La Agenda del ex-presidente Zedillo para el día de la masacre de Acteal.… read more

Exhibit 12 / Anexo 12

[English] Newspaper report as to the naming of a new prosecutor for the Acteal Massacre. The prior prosecutor, Noe Maza, was fired when he indicated that … read more